Know about Jaam-e Jamshid?

Jaam-e Jamshid, a myth or reaity
A very famous tale is about Jam-e-Jamshid in Persian and Urdu literature, which often reflects the entire desires of such people, or sometimes, poets like their mud cup rather than Jam-Jamshid. The famous poet Mirza Ghalib, gave preference to his “mud cup” rather than having Jam-e-Jamshid, that he can buy one more mud cup if one will break. That’s why his mud cup is better than king’ Jamshid’cup.

Jaam-e-jamshaid was a cup which belonged to the king of Persia named Jamshid. The cup was in use for “Scrying”, which denotes the divining the past present, and future.

It said that the king Jamshid was use to see the future present and past through that cup. It translated as a Crystal Ball also. Some said that he can see the whole world or any part of the world through the Jam.

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