tips for Iran visa

leaves worries behind because Iran became popular destinations to visit and travelrs are understand sense of Traveling to Iran to experience REAL IRAN, anyways: first things you need to have is to take Iran visa that Iran to Iran, first of all you will have to apply for visa. You must go to Iranian embassies for it, which are round the globe almost. It is always recommended that you should apply through any tour to Iran’ operators.

 Iran budget tour means that your tour must be convenient according to your accounts as well as with your desire to see the Iran.

 Here are some tips for the Iran’ visa:

The passport must be valid at least for next six months.

Normally the visa issues for 15 days.

Your host in Iran must be an Iranian, or Iran tour operator.

U.S.A’ citizens must have a plan for journey to visit different places, to Iranian interest section in Pakistan embassy in Washington.   

Your visa can be extended under such circumstances , like required extra days etc.

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