visit Khajoo bridges in Isfahan

Khajoo Bridges in IsfahanThe outstanding features of the Khaju Bridge are the two Royal Pavilions set on either side of the middle of the span. The tiled and inscribed decoration of these pavilions has been restored as has the tiling on the facade of the arches. Built in 1650 AD on the foundations of an older bridge, it was constructed to be both a road and a dam with sluices to control the flow of the river to form an ornamental lake
we suggest travelers who are visiting Isfahan to visit this magnificent Khajoo bridges in Isfahan at night, you have many options while you are in  Iran Tour, If the Imam Mosque is the dazzling crown of Isfahan, the Sheikh Lutfollah Mosque is a small, perfect diamond. It only appears small, set as it is into the long arcaded side of the Maidan. Although the walls are 170cm thick to support the enormous dome, the use of high windows and light give it a wonderfully delicate appearance, and the ever-decreasing pattern in the dome enhances.

Khajoo bridge is one of the several historical, arch bridges  erected in zayande rood, a river in Isfahan.

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