crossing borders from TURKEY to IRAN?

Iran / Turkey land border, Bazargan Border in Iranian side

During past years Iran and turkey exchanged travelers which are crossing from the MOST popular over land crossing borders of Bazargan in Iran side and Dogubayazit in Turkish side, we at Iran Budget Tour  ( IRTouring ) provides online informations for Iran border crossing and shares technicalities , visa and passport advices for overland crossing into Iran and neighboring countries.

1) What are land borders for overland crossing between Iran and Turkey, Bazargan and SERO are Iranian land borders with Turkey

Bazargan and SERO are 2 Iranian borders for overland crossing into Iran and Turkey, Iran Bazargan Border and Turkish Dogubayazit(agri) land borders are the names of Borders between Iran and Turkey, however Bazargan border for crossing into Iran is most popular because it is a 24 hours open border and is always awash with Travelers crossing the borders To/From Iran and Turkey. SERO as other border between Iran and turkey is good for those traveling to Iran from east and kurdish part of Turkey however this border is not a 24 hours open borders, from bazargan borders buses are always ply to Tabriz even mid-nights, Also you can take taxi to Maku as the first town (15 K.M) after Bazargan Border and then start your travel to Iran from Maku. the Bus station in Maku town is fast and affordable and you Expect Buses to Tehran, Tabriz and Esfahan. Iran Visa are not issue at land borders of Iran and must Arrange in advance.

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