visit Ganj Ali Khan Bath, ancient hammams in Iran?

The current trend in house buildings is attached baths with beautiful tiles and bath tubs, all over the world almost. In Indo-Pak culture still there is a concept of Hammas, the shower rooms which are in market or simply like a saloon which offers bath facility.

From old times to till now, Iran has the same trend of Hammas. If you are new to Iran, the situation will amazing for you, so here is a little introduction with Iranian hammas before you take a travel to Iran.

before times Iranian people do not take a bath at homes but there is a full trend to go to Hammas, which are for both ladies and gents, separately. They don’t have such shower arrangement in their homes.  

 Ganj-Ali-Khan bath of Kerman was built in 17th century and in the year of 1971, it converted into anthropological museum. There are wax’ statues who represents many ritual and culture of taking bath in Iran.

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