what are overland popular borders crossing into Iran?

Landscapes of Iran near SERO land border with Turkey

In this article you’ll find interesting advices for overland crossing into Iran and neighboring countries which are noted by Iran Budget Tour and IRTouring.com , also you’ll have access to:

A) Iran Borders Crossing, Overland crossing & travel to Iran and neighboring countries

B) Open Borders of Iran

C) Technicalities, Passport and Visa advices for Iran on Land borders

Iran shares open borders on west with Iraq and Turkey

Iran shares open borders on east with Afghanistan and Pakistan

Iran shares open borders on south with mighty PERSIAN Gulf and the Sea of Oman

Iran shares open borders on north with Armenia and Azerbaijan and Caspian Sea

Iran shares open borders on north east with Turkmenistan

Iran has over a dozen of international and overland border for crossings. These allow overland travelers cross enter and travel to Iran by crossing the borders of Iran from Iraqi Kurdistan, from Turkey, from Armenia and Azerbaijan, from Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and from Pakistan. But for those Tourists who intend to travel to Iran by air then they can choose to fly to Tehran, Tabriz, Mash’hadad, Esfahan, Shiraz, Bandar abbas, Kish and Gheshm Island, as Iran’s Internationals Airports.

What are popular open border crossings for overland crossing and travel to Iran

Border crossing between Iran and Turkey are Bazargan(24 Hours) and SERO border crossing

Border between Iran and Armenia is Nour-dooz Land Border

Borders between Iran and Turkmenistan is Bajgiran and sarakhas Land Borders

Border between Iran and Pakistan is Mirjaveh Land Border

Border between Iran and Iraqi Kurdistan is Marivan Land Border while Mehran Land Border is for crossing to South of Iraq (the Arabic Part of Iraq).

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