Experience Iran Desert Tours while you traveling to Iran?

Kalut desert in Shahdad, Kerman, Iran

It is advisable to wear bright and colorful clothes during desert tours in Iran as scorching sun rays are only avoidable in this way, because bright colors are bad conductor of heat.

The great salt desert of central Iran, located in a basin southeast of the Alburz Mountains, it is approximately 240 miles (390 km) wide.

 The desert is distinguished by salt crust, caused by the almost rainless climate and intense surface evaporation, lying over treacherous, quicksand like salt marshes that are almost uninhabited. Settlements are found only in the surrounding mountain ranges.

Iran Tours are accompanied by expert touring guides, so that travelers are not lost in vast desert lands of Iran while traveling, neither had they fallen down from the back of the ship of the deserts, that is the camels. Riding at camel’s back at the Iran deserts would surely provide the travelers the feel of ancient Arabian myths, which is adventurous and nostalgic at a time.

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