What are Iran’s UNESCO world heritage sites

if you plan a travel to Iran and you wish to visit several historical attractions, nature beauties, cities of Iran, or perhaps UNESCO world heritage sites, here are a short versions of what you can visit as Iran UNESCO world heritage sites in as part of Iran tour package.

Tchogha Zanbil: The ruins of the holy city of the Kingdom of Elam, surrounded by three huge concentric walls, are found at Tchogha Zanbil. Founded c. 1250 B.C., the city remained unfinished after it was invaded by Ashurbanipal, as shown by the thousands of unused bricks left at the site

Ancient Persepolis: Founded by Darius I in 518 B.C., Persepolis was the capital of the Achaemenid Empire. It was built on an immense half-artificial, half-natural terrace, where the king of kings created an impressive palace complex inspired by Mesopotamian models. The importance and quality of the monumental ruins make it a unique archaeological site.

The Naghsh-e Jahan Sq (Imam Sq): Built by Shah Abbas I the Great at the beginning of the 17th century, and bordered on all sides by monumental buildings linked by a series of two-storeyed arcades, the Royal Mosque by South, the Mosque of Sheykh Lotfollah by East, the magnificent Qeysariye Bazaar by North and the Lofty Ali Qapu Palace by West. They are an impressive testimony to the level of social and cultural life in Persia during Safavid era.

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