Visit Blue Mosque in Tabriz when you travel to Iran?

well, you are about to visit Tabriz and its Blue Mosque Of Tabriz is the most populated city in Iranian Azerbaijan, the tabrizi’s Speak Turkish Azeri like other parts of North-west of Iran like Oroumiye, Zanjan and Ardabil, Visit Tabriz as it is the fourth largest city and one of the historical capitals of Iran and the capital of East Azerbaijan Province. Tabriz was the second largest city in Iran until the late 1960s Travel to Iran has a large scale of attractions in all his main cities. Here is something about Blue Mosque. Blue Mosque of Tabriz is also known as Masjed-e Kabood is a famous historic mosque in Tabriz, The mosque and some other public buildings were constructed in 1465 upon the order of Jahan Shah, the ruler of Kara Koyunlu, The Blue mosque of Tabriz was built upon the order of Jahan Shah the ruler of Kara Koyunlu dynasty which made Tabriz the capital of his Kingdom. His Kingdom covered major parts of modern Iran, Azerbaijan, and Turkey. Visitors to Iran want to know more about the king, who build the Mosque. He was killed with Uzun Hassan (ruler of Ak Koyunlu) and buried on the southern part of the mosque. It is believed that the mosque construction is a monument for remembrance of victories of Jahan Shah. This is why the Al-fath, verses of Quran, is written around the entrance of the mosque. The mosque was severely damaged in an earthquake in 1779, leaving only the entrance iwan. Reconstruction began in 1973 by the late Reza Memaran Benam under the supervision of Iranian Ministry of Culture. However, the tiling is still incomplete.

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