Tips for women tourist in Iran

Anne mary(an Aussie women travelers in Iran) said i finally decided to travel to Iran 🙂  as i know Iran is a lovely land, I never beleived Media against Iran, why: simply because IRAN has many Issue with USA and world-wide, so why should i beleive Media, some of my friend salso visited Iran and they said that Iran is very safe and nice places to visit 🙂

anyways: if you want to visit Iran and experience the wonders of ancient land of Persia, then some very good facts about women travelers in Iran are as below

The very important question, which many women want to know that, is there any special dress code to enter in the Iran and through out the stay.

Your travel to Iran must not out of question due to this reason. There is a miss concept that the women travelers must wear BLACK AABAYA or BLACK dress. This is wrong.

By law, women have to cover their head and hairs with headscarf and must be cover till knees. You can wear any dress of any color like long skirt but it must be too long to knees, as being Islamic country, Iran obey the Islamic rules.

When you travel to Iran, it simply means that you must cover your hairs; your body between your knees and elbow.

Iran tours is a safe tour for alone women too. There is no harm to go to Iran alone as well.

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