Delicious Iranian Foods?

Iranian food are very much famous around the world due to the taste. There is great variety in culture and traditions in Iran, so the variety of food is also there. Common to whole Iran, the food is healthy and hygienic. The nutritious and tasty food of Iran has its own unique identity. If you want to taste the true Iranian food, then try to go to any Iranian host, because you will find the true and natural taste of such routine and traditional dishes there, which are matchless as compare to the restaurants. The most popular dish in Iran is “Kabab”, which are easily available almost everywhere in Iran. There is a huge variety of kababs like, chicken kabab, mixed kabab, beef kabab etc. Infact the Iran tours is incomplete with such delicious dishes. The main item in their food is Saffron which is very expensive but very useful for health in many ways. Rice and wheat are the main grains along with such fruits and dry fruits. In a short way, Iranian food is simple, tasty and due to good blend of herbs and fruits, it is mild and not spicy but gives a healthy taste. All the tourist and visitors of iran check this what to know for travel to iran.

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