all airports of Iran?

IRTouring( Guided of incoming tours and travel to Iran)has listed all airports of Iran here on this Iran tourism blog and we hope this helps you travelers to plan a better travel to Iran. we listed Public airports of Iran in which you can flight Out and in to/From Iran.

Internationals airport of Iran listed below as well.

Public airports
Abadan OIAA ABD Abadan Airport
Ahvaz OIAW AWZ Ahvaz Airport
Ardabil OITL ADU Ardabil Airport
Asalouyeh OIBI YEH Asalouyeh Airport
Asalouyeh OIBP PGU Persian Gulf Airport (Khalije Fars Airport)
Bam OIKM BXR Bam Airport
Bandar Abbas OIKB BND Bandar Abbas International Airport
Bandar Lengeh OIBL BDH Bandar Lengeh Airport
Birjand OIMB XBJ Birjand International Airport
Bojnourd OIMN BJB Bojnourd Airport
Bushehr OIBB BUZ Bushehr Airport
Chabahar OIZC ZBR Konarak Airport
Gorgan OING GBT Gorgan Airport
Hamadan OIHH HDM Hamadan Airport
Ilam OICI IIL Ilam Airport
Isfahan (Esfahan) OIFM IFN Isfahan International Airport (Shahid Beheshti International)
Jiroft OIKJ JYR Jiroft Airport
Karaj OIIP Payam Airport
Kerman OIKK KER Kerman Airport
Kermanshah OICC KSH Shahid Ashrafi Esfahani Airport
Khorramabad OICK KHD Khorramabad Airport
Khoy OITK KHY Khoy Airport
Kish Island OIBK KIH Kish International Airport
Lamerd OISR LFM Lamerd Airport
Larestan OISL LRR Larestan International Airport
Mahshahr OIAM MRX Mahshahr Airport
Maragheh (Sahand) OITM ACP Sahand Airport
Mashhad OIMM MHD Mashhad International Airport (Shahid Hashemi Nejad Airport)
Noshahr OINN NSH Noshahr Airport
Parsabad OITP PFQ Parsabad-Moghan Airport
Qeshm Island OIKQ GSM Dayrestan Airport
Rafsanjan OIKR RJN Rafsanjan Airport
Ramsar / Tonekabon OINR RZR Ramsar Airport
Rasht OIGG RAS Rasht Airport
Sabzevar OIMS AFZ Sabzevar Airport
Sanandaj OICS SDG Sanandaj Airport
Sari OINZ SRY Dasht-e Naz Airport
Shahrekord OIFS CQD Shahrekord Airport
Shiraz OISS SYZ Shiraz International Airport (Shahid Dastghaib International)
Tabas OIMT TCX Tabas Airport
Tabriz OITT TBZ Tabriz International Airport
Tehran OIIE IKA Imam Khomeini International Airport
Tehran OIII THR Mehrabad International Airport
Urmia OITR OMH Urmia Airport
Yasuj OISY YES Yasuj Airport
Yazd OIYY AZD Shahid Sadooghi Airport
Zabol OIZB ACZ Zabol Airport
Zahedan OIZH ZAH Zahedan Airport

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