How you know about the meaning of Iran’s Flag?

national flag of iranFlag of any country is a representative of its motto and vision. The flag indicate the history and future, woven with the current time. Take a tour to Iran’s flag. The Iranian flag was changed following the Islamic revolution in 1979 and changes to the flag were officially endorsed by Ayat-ul-Allah Khomeini in 1980. Three colors of Iranian flag represents Islam (Green Color), bravery (red color) and the white strip represents “Peace”. In the middle of the Iranian flag, the four crescents in the script of Arabic word “Allah-o- Akbar”, announces the base of Islam that Allah (God) is great. The use of the tulip in Iran dates back to ancient time, whereby it has been used to represent the death of individuals who have died for their country. It has been placed in the Iranian flag to honor the Iranians who died fighting in the Iraq-Iran war. A travel to Iran reveals so many historic tales, which are nothing but reality.

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