Iranian New year: a festival or a Traditions of Iranian people?

New Year is the oldest festival of this world. Almost every nation celebrated it from centuries ago. There are different timings and different rituals to celebrate it.

a Travel to Iran opens a door of knowledge to the visitors about New Year celebrations. New Year inIran calls “Now Ruz” (new day). In the history ofIran, the first sign of “Now Roz” is 2,500 years ago.

Modern Iranians celebrate New Year for 13 days only. It is customary for all to take a bath and cleanse themselves thoroughly before No Ruz. No Ruz is a feast of hope and renewal.

Families stay home and wait for the start of the New Year at the exact time the spring equinox starts. The time the New Year starts changes every year and is called ‘Tahvil’, but the day is around 19th to 21st of March. The first few minutes are spent around an elaborately prepared spread with several items and objects known as ‘Haft Sin’ (seven’s’). More religious people will read or recite verses from the Quran, the Muslim holy book (or other holy books if they are not Muslims), just before the start of the New Year.

Tourists of Iran always cherish their memories about “NOWROZ”, especially with the table set by seven specific items “hafit sin” the main part of “Now Roz”.

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