relationships between Iran and America?

Relations between Iran and America are strained to say the least. The relation between two countries were not tighten in past. They enjoyed a good economic and political status. Take a tour to Iran to visit the history, and we become familiar that 1950, the Anglo-Iranian Oil company was repatriating 85% of oil profits from Iran and leaving Iran with just 15%. It was agreed by the Iranian parliament that to nationalized the company. Iran and America developed very close relations at this point and Iran commenced a campaign rapidly westernize the country. Over 25,000 American expatriates lived in Iran during this time. Enjoying very good relations and America became the most significant economic partner. The Islamic revelation in 1979, finished the Shah of Iran, and the westernize system turned into Islamic pattern, which off course offence the America and again a turning point was there between Iran and America. However, the visitors of Iran can still find the reminders of positive relations with America remain in Iran, such as Urmia college of Medicine and a key railway system.

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