Iran Travel Tips and advices before traveling to Iran

Iran Travel tips, advices and Iran travel guide helps you plan your travel to Iran according what i call it latest tourism advices for travel to Iran.

Is it Safe to Visit Iran: turn-down the telly, Iran is one of the safest and secure countries in the world, on Iran tours and traveling throguh the land you will brings back a great memories traveling though the land of Iran. You feel absolutely safe either traveling alone or with others.

Female Travelers in Iran: solo female travelers who are planning to travel to Iran are feeling much safer and they can travel through Iran without any issue, I suggest using public transportations rather than private taxis. Hotels are really safe for women travelers in Iran.

Air Connections of Iran: Iran is served by its own airline, Iran Airlines, Aseman Airlines, Mahan Airlines and as well as many other major international airlines.

Area and time zone of Iran: 1.648.195 Kilometers (16th largest country in the world), +3.30 GMT time

Bank, Currency and Credit Cards in Iran: Most of the world`s currencies are recognized and its changeable in Bank’s and exchange offices all around Iran. Travellers can exchange money on arrival at IKA International Airport in Tehran, where there is a branch of Iranian banks round the clock. Unfortunately Credit cards are not acceptable in Iran at all at the moment, so, bring enough cash or travelers cheques for your travel expenses. The currency of Iran is Iranian Rail which called Toman for purchasing propose, 1.00 US$ is divided on 10.000 Rial, or 1.000 Toman.All the Banks are opens Saturday to Thursday 07:30 AM- 13:30 PM.

Mobiles, public telephones and Internet facilities in Iran: The country code for Iran is +98. Mobile phones are very popular in Iran. Buying Sim-cards is also cheap and you can buy them easily upon your arrival to IKA Airport in Tehran. It is illegal to drive while holding a cell phone. Internet is widely accessible on Internet cafes, large Hotels and Airports, you can dial via Public telephones in streets, shopping malls, hotels and hospitals, you may access Intl- Phone cards to Make a Phone calls to overseas, overseas operator and overseas directory information is available by dialing 118. Domestic directory in Each City information is available by dialing 118- dial 118 free from public phones in streets.

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