Marketin solutions on Iran tourism?

High quality tourism in Iran needs investment. Please share this article with others using the link below.

Thinking for Travel to Iran may refer you to think of many others topics which are nor related to Iran tourism, But everyone know Iran is a country with long history, cultures and civilizations, it’s fascinating history and culture and diverse scenery, from soaring mountains to desert of Iran, Iran has many natural attractions as a tourism destination.

Yazd attractions, what to see in yazd, iran esfahan yazd
Mir chakhmagh Square in Yazd

Sad to say, But Iran is not received good numbers of tourist’s each year compare to neighboring countries like Turkey, Armenia or Dubai while Iran is a country rich with history, ancient aspect and natures beauties, beach and deserts all made Iran to be a good place for each traveller. Yes, Iran still attracted fewer tourists than Bulgaria, Georgia and Ukraine.

As I mentioned above, the neighboring Armenia and Azerbaijan or Dubai, which are far smaller in terms of population and land area, may put Iran to shame, registering far higher numbers of visitors per capita.

So where is Iran tourism going wrong? The two key problems are the lack of a proper destination marketing campaign and Iran’s cumbersome tourist visa requirements, according to Travellers report.

While other countries in the region have successfully used destination marketing to boost visitor numbers to their respected countries (think “Turkey, Timeless Istanbul, “Incredible, or colorful India” and “Dubai, welcomes everyone”), Iran’s under-funded tourism authority has struggled to keep up. So, Iran tourism authorities should invest and think about futures of this ever green industry.

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