Getting to Tehran from IKA Airport

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Getting to Tehran from Imam Khomeini Airport can be a gruesome ordeal depending on the time of day your flight lands. Taxis in Tehran IKA Airport can be pricey. A taxi from IKA Airport to Imam Khomeini Square can run up to 300.000 Iranian Rial, and a taxi to North of Tehran can run 600.000 Iranian Rial while if you get tours to Iran then your Iranian tour guide can meet you on arrival.

But all above was the way for tourists who are going to be on Iran tours while there are many travellers who are traveling to Iran on their own and here also I want to suggest and recommend the cheap and cost effective ways for back-packers. The easy solution to getting to and from IKA Airport in Tehran: your best bet is Shuttle Bus services that cost you ONLY 30.000 Iranian Rial, so, cheap right? The shuttle departs every 45 minutes and it takes about 45 minute to 1 hour to reach you to Azadi Square.

Imam Khomeini Shuttle Bus services
Buses running between IKA and Azadei Square which is just next to the Mehrabad Airport (Tehran’s domestic airport) where you’ll have several options such as Subway, Taxi, or Buses to your final destination. Far more cost effective and convenient.

For more information or to book a tour to Iran, or pick up services from IKA Airport to your final destinations in Tehran or anywhere in Iran contact

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