what are12 must see historic places in Iran

Iran, or as its ancient name Persia, is one of the most fascinated, riched on culture and history of the world, this is the main reason why many tourist is going to Iran recently.
we listed top 12 historical places in Iran so you canlist them on your travel package or iran tours.

imam square in Esfahan, pictures of imam square, iran tourism guide, iran pictures

1) Persepolis, the great achaemenian empire dates from 550 B.C
2) Pasargadae, the first dynastic capital of Cyrus the great, the founder of Achaemenian dynasty on 6century b.c
3) saad abad complex: the former presidential palace of late king of Iran
4) Golestan Palace: the oldest of historic monuments in Tehran
5) Naghsh-e Jahan square: Biggest of historical squares of the world that is surrounded by historical monuments from safavid era
6) Thirty three bridge: Isfahan’s largest historical bridges erected on the zayandeh river constructed on 1602
7)Kashan historic bazaar: one of the oldest historic bazaars of Iranlocated in the center of Kashan
8) the black church: Saint thaddeus monastery, is an ancient Armenian monastery located in mountain’s area of Iran’s western part
9) Mir chakhmagh Square: Yazd’s famous histori attraction
10) Friday mosque of Isfahan: is a prominent architechtural expression of the Seljuk dynasty in Iran (1038 -1118)
11) Tomb of Ether & mordecai: Located in Hamedan, western city of Iran and believed to house the remains of biblical queen Esther and her cousin Mordecai.
12) Vank Cathedral: the most picturesque churche in Iran located in Armenian district of Isfahan.

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