Brings some Persian Culture back with you!

Persian Carpets and Rugs

Persian carpets and rugs, whether hand knotted or flat woven (Kilim, rugs), are among the most well known and established hand crafted art works in the world. Only natural fibers are used in handmade rugs. The most common materials used for the pile are wool, silk and cotton. The art of carpet weaving was particularly significant in the Persian Empire time when the First Persian Carpet was woven, carpets having an immense importance both as decorative furnishings, rich in religious and other symbolism of Iran, and as a practical consideration, as it was customary to remove shoes in living quarters. Persian Carpet is among the most shopped souvenirs that any tourist takes back home after a perfect Iran Tours experience

Persian famous rugs and carpet in iranIranian Jewelery

The Persian historically noted for the quality of its gold- and silversmiths, and particularly for the jewelry they produced. Jewelry had particular importance as it was commonly given at weddings, as a gift that could be used as a form of savings. Silver was the most common material used, with gold reserved for more high-status pieces; designs often displayed complex filigree work and incorporated Persian motifs.

buy gold and jewelery from iran esfahan Persian Tiles

The Iranian city of Isfahan became a major center with the creation of a local PersianTile industry during the 16th century period . Isfahan tiles which follows the Persian traditional Style on the pattern of each tile were used to decorate many of the mosques in Isfahan and all around Iran.

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