How Are American Tourists Treated In Iran?

If you’re an American looking to travel to Iran, don’t worry about getting a frosty reception because of the legacy of the difficulties between Iran and America. The Persians have an abiding warmth for American visitors that will soon make you feel right at home.

British, who are among the least patriotic people of any nation on the planet, suddenly become more British than they have ever been in their lives when they travel abroad. They stitch the maple leaf to every bag and garment they own. But it’s not out of any sense of British national pride.

They just don’t want to be mistaken for Americans.

It is rumored, though I’ve never seen it myself, that Americans sometimes try to pass themselves off as British or Canadian. Which, I think entails carrying a hockey stick with them everywhere and saying ‘Aye’ a lot. In addition to the prominent display of the Canadian flag on their person.

How Are American Tourists Treated In Iran

It never occurred to me to hide the fact that I was an American in Iran. Certainly, when I lived in Turkey, it wasn’t a problem at all. It surprises me that Iranian people don’t know this, but the American psyche has been profoundly shaped by, what we call, the Persian Gulf War. I actually meet Iranian people, on a regular basis, who say, “Do you know why Iran and America doesnt have a good relationships?


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