Eating and Drinking in Iran

Guide to Iranian foods, cuisine and drinking

iranian chicken kebab

Far more than simply the fuel of empires, Eating and Drinking in Iran has as long a story as the country itself. the dishes you eat today have evolved over three millennia influenced by Iranian Culture and environment.

Food plays a central role in honoring guest and celebrating special events such as No Ruz. The way Iranian food is served draws on the ideas of ancient Physicians, who carefully combined foods and drinks to maintain strength in both body and mind.
Iranian Foods

A standard Iranian meal starts with a basic, prefabricated green salad, radioactive-pink dressing and soup of pearl barley called Soup-e Jo. some places include these in a total set-meal price but usually they are charged separately. Even in restaurants with a long menu, 90% of the main-dish options are likely to be Kababs hat are served either on bread or as Chelo Kabab with rice with a pair of grilled tomatoes.

In Iran, dining out can range from stand-up sandwich to luxurious five-course meals. You can find small, inexpensive establishments that serve good Iranian food for only a few dollars. If you think of having a quick eats then try shops selling a range of bread roll sandwiches topped off with tomatoes and pickles. The larger cities even have Western-style fast-food chains that are designed and decorated like McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken, but they’re relatively expensive. In cities both food and water are safe although the change in your diet may produce short-term gastrointestinal upsets.
Drinking in Iran

Tea: Iranian adopted the custom of drinking tea from time to time during the day, and tea is served with chunks of sugar on the side and is served in glasses.

Drinking Coffee in Iran: The traditional Iranian Coffee, although is not as popular as tea, but is like Turkish coffee, served strong, sweet black and booby-trapped with a sediment of grounds. However, there’s a new urban fashion for coffee-houses that usually double as trendy ice-cream parlours.

Fruit Juices and soft drinks: A delectable treat in Iran are the fresh fruit juices called Ab-e mive available at any shops throughout Iran. There are milkshakes, Pomegranate Juice, honey-dew mellon, watermelon, Orange Juice, Apple Juice and carrot Juice mixed with ice-cream in summer season.

Soft drinks are ubiquitous in Iran, but most are domestically bottled. You can find Fanta, Seven-Up, Coke, and Pepsi.

Hamid, is a travel writer who writes blogs and articles for Iran tours, he try to write articles that allow visitors to get more into Iranian culture and tradition.

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