How to spend a day in Shiraz, Iran

When Huong and Jolene were researching about planning out first and even curious trip to Iran we concluded that what will be the best time to travel inside Iran, as we heard and of course read that there will be a four season country and we preferred to visit when the low season coming, however, this ancient land needs more tourist, it is safe and yes SAFE and its amazing and unique on its own kind.

It’s always tough to know how seriously to take travel advisories, some embassy and or government websites advises to not to go to Iran, though some more reliable forum sites such as Lonely Planet and or Trip Advisor would say Iran is definitely a safe and kind of new destination to be, whatever, if you believe on traveling and if your soul beating for being in different places (like us) then get your luggage packed and lets go to discover Iran.

After the first 10 days in Iran, we’ve seen Tehran, Rasht and Hamedan and we absolutely loved it, where we basically had the usual sightseeing, visiting museums and wander around the bazaars as well as trying to meet with welcoming and friendly locals who would like to get to know more about us ( as a tourist), and in the other hand we were curious about the Iranian and would not hesitate to open any kind of conversation with them.


However, we arrived to Shriaz, a city of rose, love and Saadi and Hafez ( 2 of the most famous Iranian poem), we both love history and would not hesitate to get to know more of ancient sites especially in a country with a great back ground like Iran, so, here we go, we booked our Iran tours including a two day trip to visit both Shiraz city as well as Persepolis and Pasargadae.

When we got picked up to enjoy our Shiraz day tour, our guide Majid, told us a lot of different stories about what and where and how Iran become one of the oldest countries in the world, we two actually have been read about Iran but never know some of the stories that our guide told us.


We visited Arg-e Karim Khan following by passing through Bagh-e Nazar and an adjoining Museum, tell you one thing that Shiraz is really a cool city with a lot of beautiful garden, park land area and really welcoming peoples (unless all Iranian are )

Shiraz Vakil Bazaar and the complex surrounded the area including a beautiful mosque and many maze lines called small bazaar or timcheh are really interesting, there are a lot to see and a lot of things to buy as a gift back home, many travelers are keen on buying famous Persian rugs and carpet ( we didnt), however, after spending some two hours in the Bazaar of Shiraz we then head to eat another delicious lunch.

Our day followed by visiting some of the most beautiful gardens in Shiraz, Eram and Narenjestan were just amazing, great atmosphere with beautiful 18th century architecture.


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