10 steps – Planning your travel to Iran

10 steps – Planning your travel to Iran


Step 1: Call the Experts at IRTouring.com (It’s never too early to begin your planning. Ideally you should begin at least few month in advance)

Your expert Iran travel guide will help walk you through the process of planning your Iran tours. Our team will provide the guidance, tools and questions you need to create the right trip for your community. We don’t push a standard trip – we work as your partners.


Step 2: Brainstorm with friends

Get a small group of people together (3-10) to consider the idea of an Iran trip.

What is the goal, theme or purpose of the trip?

  • General trip
  • Culture + history
  • Adventure trips such as desert, nomadic experience, ski …

Step 3: Bring a friend & ask them bring a friend

It’s time to generate some enthusiasm and excitement. Hold an informational meeting, mention in sermons, hang posters, include ad in newsletter, mention at board and committee meetings, have an evening of Iranian culture (movie, music, food & fun!)…

Step 4: Time for some serious planning

Complete the Iran Travel Guide Document and discuss with the Experts.

Step 5: Leave it to IRTouring.com

Review your planning document and wish list with Experts so they can create a first draft itinerary for you. We’ll work closely with you to tweak the program to ensure it meets your educational goals, time-frame, and budget.

Step 6: Flights to Iran – book early!!!

It can be very frustrating for everyone if you work on an itinerary, make plans, and then find that flights are booked on the days you want to travel. It can mean reworking the entire itinerary – and may exclude some of those planning to come on the trip. Our travel professionals are happy to assist with flights.

Step 7: Marketing & Registration

We’ll provide templates for flyers, sample registration forms, and lists of all the important details. If you wish, our affiliates can handle the entire registration process for you online. With the final itinerary you will receive final pricing, details of deposit requirements and cancellation policies.

Step 8: Programming & Preparations

We can arrange for one of our Iran tour packages and Travel professionals to come to your community to help in all kinds of ways. We’ll answer questions, address concerns, and help generate even more excitement in anticipation of your trip. Some of the pre-trip meetings.

Step 9: On the Ground

Throughout your trip you benefit not only from our quality, fully licensed, English speaking guide, but also receive 24/7 support from the entire team IRTouring.com , We work hard to ensure quality programming and smooth logistics.

Step 10: Bringing Iran Home

The IRTouring.com will continue working with you on post-trip programming – and advance planning for the next Iran travel opportunity for your community. We’ll help you develop a long-range plan for Iran travel to help ensure a variety of experiences for the variety of people in your community. A long range plan not only helps to ensure different types of experiences, but also helps members of your community to plan ahead. Finally, it helps your community build an even stronger connection to Iran.


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