Is it safe to travel to Iran? All your questions answered

Is it safe to travel to Iran? This is something travelers are asking a lot, however, we get it all the time. The one single answer is YES, Iran is safer than what you may imagine for. It goes without saying, but if you’re thinking of going to Iran you should supplement the answers here with some research into sites like Lonely Planet and or Trip Advisor but if you want an on-the-ground perspective from a guy who knows all there is to know, read on:

So, the big one. Is it safe to travel to Iran?

Unfortunately, Iran is close to a few areas of global instability. That’s just the way it is, and the way it has been for a centuries. We take our Travel Advisory Services very seriously, and at this time most of the country is classified as “100% safe to travel”, Iran is not IRAQ ( A Chinese traveler one asked us is Iran and Iraq same). As the locals in Iran, we haven’t changed anything in our daily routines. We advise traveler to travel all around Iran without any risk.

Why do you think people should travel to Iran?

At the moment booking an Iran tours will give you a unique experience like no other destinations in the region. Tourist numbers are growing since 2014 and as many travelers have booked their plans and made it to visit Iran. Iran has always been famous for its ‘hospitality’ and these days locals are even more warm and inviting and appreciative that you’re choosing to visit their nation. Having fewer tourists around means it’s also a great opportunity to visit Imam Square in Isfahan without having hundreds of people around, or taking the best shot of ancient Persepolis without any tourists in the way. Just a heads up, this opportunity won’t last much longer. Said Hamid, the CEO of